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Simple Hacks to Keep Your Small Space Organized

Simple Hacks to Keep Your Small Space Organized

Have a small space that needs organizing? Running out of storage in your home? You’re in luck! Lack of space doesn’t have to leave you with more stress. With a few creative ideas and a little work, you can get your home clean, organized and looking its best in no time. To maximize space in your home, you just need to start with these tips:

Start With Some Decluttering Tips

If you have a small home, or not enough room for storage, clutter can lead to some serious problems. Aside from causing you stress and anxiety, clutter in a tight space can also lead to trips and falls. So begin your organizing spree with some helpful decluttering tips. Start with small steps such as organizing a spot for papers or clearing off your counters.

After you have those tasks tackled, you can move onto the bigger projects including deciding what should stay or go. If you have items you can’t part with and you simply can’t make any more room in your home, considering putting  nonessentials into a local storage facility. A small unit can be relatively inexpensive and contribute to a more organized home. The overall average price of a self-storage unit booked in Miami over the past 180 days is $102.64, according to Spare Foot. That’s a small price to pay to preserve your memories and cherished belongings.

Know Where to Shop for Home Storage

When it comes to small home or a lack of storage, certain stores may be better for finding stylish solutions. Ikea is a tiny homeowner’s dream with hundreds of multi-tasking accessories, furniture and decor. You can even think outside of the box and use hacks to add space to bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or other areas in your home. Best of all, there are options to fit any budget, and any size of home. Another retailer to check out for your storage needs is The Container Store, where you can pick up baskets, bins and solutions to organize the storage spaces in your home.

Create Space With Room Dividers

In a small space, finding room to store your belongings, and still live comfortably, can be a challenge. One way you can create additional space inside your home is to use room dividers. You can carve out space for a dining table, a study room or just more privacy using bookshelves, curtains, pallets and other items. One of the most common ways people use dividers to makeshift space in their homes is by making their own closet. Curtains are a great tool for creating more room to store your clothes, shoes and accessories, without any major home renovations or expensive furniture. Drape curtains over an alcove or clothing rack, to make more room without creating an eyesore.

Keep Everything Clean and Toxin Free 

After putting all that work into organizing your home, you are going to want to keep it clean. That means sticking to a routine cleaning schedule and using small tasks each day to maintain an organized home. Simple steps, like teaching kids to put toys away or hanging clothes in your closet as soon as they are dry, can make it easier to keep a tidy home. By taking care of cleaning throughout the week, you can avoid making big messes that will only take more of your time and effort to clear up all at once.

Proper cleaning also requires quality cleaning tools. Look online for reviews for compact vacuum cleaners and tools that will make cleaning a snap. You can also look for multitasking non-toxic cleaners or make some of your own using ingredients you have in your cabinets.

If you don’t have a lot of space, don’t stress. There are simple ways to create more storage for all of your stuff, while keeping your home stylish, tidy and cozy. So start with the steps above and start enjoying your cleaner, more comfortable home sooner!

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